We understand the challenges of cooking in all the seasons of life.  


We make it...you take and bake it!

We want to be your private chefs working behind the scenes to help you put great homemade meals on your table with ease! Our homemade take-n-bake foods come frozen, ready for you to thaw and bake in your crock pot, oven, microwave or stovetop.   



Here's what's happening:


The NOVEMBER MENU is now CLOSED FOR ORDERING. Sorry if you missed it...BUT WAIT! While we're preparing the foods we make more than was ordered so we always have great foods in the freezer ready for quick sales.

Just check the EXTRAS page for the list of foods and EMAIL OR PHONE with your EXTRAS selection and we'll reserve them for you. Pick up or delivery will be arranged as is convenient. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOU!  Please return in January to order from the next great selections of foods to enjoy around your table! 

Here's Details of What We Do:

Foods Offered: Each month (except Dec) we offer six family style entrees to choose from such as beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetarian, and gluten-free, plus a breakfast, two sides and a dessert. They are all made like you'd make them if you'd have the time...homemade with wholesome ingredients and flavorful spices. 

Sizes and Pricing: Please note the varying sizes the foods come in when you order, from our single serving Extra Small to Large, which serves 6-8 or more. The prices vary according to the kinds of foods and sizes in the range of $4 to $36. These homemade foods range from $1.50-$6.00 per person, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home without any of the shopping and preparation. 
While we think you are going to enjoy the convenience of several dinners in your freezer, there is no minimum order. Payment can be made with PayPal at ordering or with a credit card, check, or cash upon receipt of your foods.

Ordering:  Order foods you'd enjoy for the month at our Online Store the first week of each month in the sizes and quantities that meet your needs. After each month's 
Ordering Session closes, we will prepare the foods for you the next week and freeze them, ready for pick-up or delivery. We make EXTRAS that are FOR SALE any time all month by email or appointment! Great for in-between monthly cycles when immediate needs arise. 

Pick up or delivery: Each month we bring the ordered foods to a free pick up point in Wichita and Newton with home or office delivery available. Elbing area orders are picked up at d'Veers Family Center. Timing details will be given each month on the website and via email to those who have ordered foods.

About Us:  
We bring rural living to the table, as our family farm has nourished us for generations.  We will offer our traditional family recipes with wholesome all natural ingredients.  Raising our four children taught us much about good nutrition and our love for cooking has blossomed as the demand grew.  Catering was a natural result that followed, offering hospitality for special events at d’Veers Family Center in Elbing (d'Veers.com). Not only do we enjoy cooking on site at d'Veers, but we want to help you put meals on your table every day!

Convenience: Since we are planning to offer these items for your freezer on a monthly basis, we suggest that you consider your needs for the entire month. Sunday dinners, busy work days, harvest time, sports nights, or any time you’d appreciate the convenience. Let us do the planning, shopping, and prepping, so all you need to do is pull your selection from the freezer, bake, and enjoy! The bonus is that clean up is is a breeze, no washing of messy pans, just recycle or discard. Done.

Seasons:  Life comes in seasons and whether you are a busy single college student, a working couple in the corporate world, a young family or one with teenagers, empty-nesters, or senior saints, we understand the challenges of cooking!  Let us help you eat well!  

Share: Enjoy Homemade Dinners To Go for yourself, invite a friend to join you, order for a sick friend or a new mom, or give a gift certificate to show your thoughtfulness.  

Homemade Dinners To Go
a service of d'Veers Family Center
Mark & Diane Veer & family
227 N. Main  Elbing, KS
  (316) 284-2877

We make it...you take and bake it!

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